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People who know they need orthodontic care to assist with straightening jagged teeth, are, on occasion, unwilling to set an appointment for a dentist to examine their teeth; Clear Braces Pros Brooklynbecause they know they will need to make two big commitments if they do so. They know they have to make a commitment to invest in having the procedure done; and they likewise know they have to make a commitment to making all their follow-up visits as well. The money gets the process in motion, but the routine appointments help to make sure the result is exactly what the patient wants. Without these elements at play, a beautiful smile will remain a wish for the person who is unwilling to commit.

Holding off on a decision to have braces placed is completely reasonable. Between the metal hardware that's cemented onto your teeth, and bands strapped throughout your teeth, to handling all that hardware for as long as twelve to eighteen months, in some instances, is it so hard to understand why a patient would be reluctant to get started? Orthodontists knew there had to be another way to move teeth back into their proper position without all the trouble attributed to conventional braces. This is why clear aligners were developed in the first place, and it was why Invisalign was formed.

Invisalign, in numerous circles, is thought about as a modern-day marvel, because of it's new take on an old idea. Traditional braces use tension to assist teeth in transitioning to their correct positions. Invisalign does the very same thing, however the approach is unique. Instead of placing bands, and brackets, on teeth, to create that tension, Invisalign uses "trays," which are what the clear aligners are known as. Each tray helps push teeth into position so the next tray can work. This goes on, and on, till the desired result is achieved.


The primary engine behind Invisalign is not the see-through, incredibly strong plastic they utilize to help Clear Braces Brooklyn NYpush patients' teeth into their correct position, it's actually the software application they created. This incredible innovation utilizes 3-D imaging to develop a blueprint so precise, the dentist only requires a couple of hours learning about it, to become licensed to offer it. This is not to state your dentist is not a capable dental professional, it just means that even general dentists are now able to provide orthodontic care, without needing to go to school to become an orthodontist. With sky-high success rates, across the entire United States, is there any wonder why people are going to their local dentist inquiring about Invisalign?

The brand name "Invisalign" was created because the plastic utilized to create the aligners is clear. When the aligners are placed on the teeth, it's difficult to observe them unless you are intentionally searching for them. They come across as "invisible" to the majority of people who come into contact with a patient undergoing Invisalign treatment. This is why many patients call Invisalign, "invisible braces," or "clear braces." This one aspect is why many patients want to invest in Invisalign rather than conventional braces. Think about yourself - would you rather have on metal braces or aligners that hardly anybody will notice you have on? Which is why Invisalign is the top choice in the aligner marketplace.

You're going to be able to put that worry to rest after reading this paragraph if the pricing of Invisalign has you concerned. Invisalign costs a little more than traditional braces, and when we say "a little," we mean just that. For instance, the typical cost of metal braces here in the United States is about $5,000, while the average cost of Invisalign is just shy of $6,000; but think about all the advantages that additional thousand dollars provides. We will not list them all, however one significant advantage is understanding you can have your teeth aligned with practically no one ever knowing - that alone, for many, is worth the additional money.


People, especially today, love problem-free concepts, items, and services. This is why individuals really enjoy Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, that force you to handle a metal contraption, in your mouth, for 12-18 months, Invisalign gives you the choice of taking off your trays whenever you want. The majority of dental experts, offering Invisalign, will inform you that the longer you leave the trays in, the better your prospects of creating the result you're after will be. However, it doesn't indicate you couldn't take your trays out to eat, and brush and/or floss. It's this versatility that individuals enjoy, and are willing to pay for.

Another major benefit of selecting Invisalign over traditional braces is the amount of time it takes to move teeth into their natural position. In some cases, Invisalign can work in just six months. Naturally this is not the case for everyone, but just knowing this a possibility demonstrates how efficient the treatment can be. What seems to be the only disadvantage is the asking price, and given that the cost is on par with typical braces, that's not much of a disadvantage at all, is it? Invisalign helps reduce extremely gap-toothed smiles, crowded teeth, and also overbites as well. This innovative miracle produces the one outcome, every patient desires, again and again-- a healthy, stunning smile!

Although Invisalign is available for any dentist to provide, the truth is not everyone does. Invisalign requires that all their specialists pass their certification course prior to being certified to offer their flagship solution. Once they end up being licensed, they also need to take continuing education classes to be able to keep offering their product going forward. While Invisalign is an orthodontic system, it's not exclusively provided by orthodontists. This is what makes Invisalign such a marvel. Even your local dentist can offer it, provided they become licensed; of course. The magic is in their software, and the super-durable plastic. The dentist exists simply to assist the process to it's natural conclusion.

So understanding what Invisalign is, and how it's functions and benefits can help you get the smile you have been dreaming of, how long do you believe it's going to take you to contact us and establish your one-on-one consultation with one of our Pros? Sure we know you need to think of things before making a decision, however just know, the faster you begin, the much faster you get through a procedure that was built based on "time." Your teeth require time to move, and the longer you wait to get started, the longer it will require to get the smile you know you should have. Contact us today to get started now!

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