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Knowing Which Solution Is Right For You

There are many reasons why braces are better than Invisalign, and why Invisalign is better than braces. The reality is that each serves a different set of problems. If your teeth are really out of alignment, Invisalign may not be the best option. This is where traditional braces would take over.

However, for the majority of people who feel their teeth should straightened out, Invisalign may be just what the doctor ordered. There are patients who simply are not interested in having a metallic smile. In fact, a good way to know if metal braces are a good fit is to check out the third season of the hit show, “Ray Donovan.” Katie Holmes plays a billionaire’s daughter on the show, and she has braces on. If you think she pulls it off well, then your opinion of metal braces may very well change.

Invisalign is much more costly, but that’s because the benefits justify their cost. Invisalign requires multiple visits to the dentist’s office, but that’s because the benefits justify the hassle. Invisalign may be the answer to your problems . . . or maybe it isn’t. The only way to know for sure is to set an appointment with one of our Pros, and find out if they are the best fit for your situation, and budget. Call today to get started!

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