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Clear Aligners Are A Great Alternative To Wire Braces

Clear braces are an alternative, for those of us interested in straightening our teeth, to traditional, bulky, metal wire braces. Clear braces are made from clear plastic. Because they are, they are virtually impossible to notice upon first glance; and can only be seen when looking very carefully.

So how do they work?
Clear braces work just like traditional braces – by exacting pressure on the teeth, they adjust teeth into the desired position. Unlike the traditional braces. which are fixed into place, aligners can be removed at any time.

Aligners are replaced every 2 weeks; and each time you go back, your teeth have shifted that much closer to where you need them to be.

With clear braces, you have the ability to care for your oral health more quickly. This occurs because you have the ability to remove the aligners, allowing you to to eat, brush and floss, without any hassle.

In addition, aligners, like Invisalign, are comfortable to use. Unlike the traditional braces, that dig up your gums, resulting in sore, and/or tender gums, Invisalign is made from soft plastic; and are therefors, easier on your gums.

Depending on the gravity of your condition, teeth positioning can be completed in as little as six months. This is much shorter than the two, sometimes three, years it takes with traditional wire braces.

Like any other product, clear braces have their drawback. One issue is going back to your dentist’s office every other week, to have a new pair of aligners placed. This can be a challenge to folks who do a lot of traveling.

Another challenge is forgetting to use them; which occurs more than people know. This is becasue aligners can be removed; which also means they can easily be forgotten.

Finally, they are more pricey than the standard wire braces.

Clear braces work in aligning your teeth within a short amount of time. Nevertheless, a high level of personal discipline is required on your part for optimum results to be realized.

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