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At Clear Braces Pros we understand that learning you, or your child, will need braces usually causes real concern; especially in today's turbulent economical times. Besides cost, there is also the idea of knowing you have to keep coming back to the office for months, and months, of adjustments, and cleanings, is enough to make you want to forgo the whole event. Luckily for you we are not living in the 80s, when wire braces were all that were available. Today we have incredible products like clear aligners; otherwise known as clear braces, and/or invisible braces, that have taken orthodontic dentistry to new heights.      

Invisalign, is the leading aligner being offered today; and is an amazing alternative to traditional braces, that will allow you to have your teeth straightened in a way almost no one will notice. In essence, the Invisalign treatment will provide the same benefit regular braces provide, but do it without the embarrassment of having a railroad track across your teeth; or the hassle of having them adjusted and cleaned at all times. The manufacturer, Align Technology, has been providing this miracle product  since the late 90s, and since then thousands of patients have benefited from their amazing technology.


How Invisalign Works
Invisalign is hi-tech technology that utilizes 3-D computer imaging to layout a complete treatment plan; starting from the position your teeth are currently in, Clear Alignerall the way through to what they will look like when the treatment is complete. After the blueprint is created, clear aligners are customized for your teeth. These aligners help to re-position the teeth, very slowly, over a two-week period. After the first two weeks are up, the aligner is replaced with a new set, and the process continues throughout the length of the treatment.

The aligners have been called Invisalign because they are almost invisible; and unless you are very close to someone's face, you will not notice them. Being as hi-tech as they are, they are made from the very strongest of medical grade plastic, that has passed all regulatory requirements. They look like tooth-whitening trays, but are custom-sized for each and every tooth in your mouth.

Why Do So Many People Now Choose Invisalign?
First off, they aren't that far off in price from traditional braces; and for many people, the  extra bucks they need to put out for this product is entirely worth the cost. As is the case with many of the patients we serve at Clear Braces Pros, we are willing to work out a finance plan if you find yourself without, or covered with very little, insurance.
One of the most attractive features of Invisalign is the ability to remove the aligners. This allows you to eat and drink comfortably while under-going treatment - how incredible is that?! You will be able to brush and floss your teeth normally, and avoid the headaches involved with traditional braces. Invisalign also provides a level of peace that you cannot achieve with wire braces. For example with traditional braces, your gums and lips will suffer the abrasiveness of having a foreign, metal object, locked into position where they are not supposed to be. Teens love them because they avoid the "geek" name-calling braces puts you in position for, and they allow them play sports without risk or worry of getting injured.


Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign, like braces, is used to correct all kinds of dental or orthodontic needs. They help alleviate overly crowded teeth, gap-toothed smiles, cross bites, overbites, and even under bites as well. This miracle product produces the same result again and again - a healthy, beautiful smile!

Invisalign is Not Offered By Every Dentist
Our dentists had to become certified in order to offer Invisalign to our patients. This requires going through a series of training classes before receiving the authorization to become an Invisalign provider. In addition, these same dentists are also required to take continuing education classes for this product as they are continually upgraded, and made better over time. We also have our dentists take these classes to secure themselves as "Preferred Providers."A preferred provider means Invisalign gives us their stamp of approval in being able to offer, and treat, you with Invisalign.

I Wore Braces As A Kid, And My Teeth Have Shifted Out Of Place Again. Will Invisalign Help?
Surprisingly, a good amount of Invisalign patients wore braces during their youth, and are now wearing them to realign their teeth. Invisalign, like we mentioned earlier, is able to correct correct the issue without all the social awkwardness that comes with having metal braces.

Is Invisalign For Everyone?
Invisalign is right for most teenagers and adults. Those who may not be ready for Invisalign are children who still have baby teeth; or second molars that haven't erupted. With Invisalign, the process to achieving your illuminating smile is safer, comfortable, and in many cases faster than the process required with traditional wire, and band, braces!

Clear Braces Pros believes Invisalign fits into that rare category we call miracle products. As you are well aware, many products that claim to fit within this category end up showing their true colors over time, and wind up as nothing more than gimmicks. These "clear braces" have been around for over a decade, and their popularity grows with each year that passes. This is not a trend, or a fad. Invisible braces, as they are also called by our patients, are here to stay.

If you want to find out if Invisalign is right for you, and it probably is, simply fill out the form to the right, and one of our Pros will be in touch with you promptly; or you can call us directly at the number listed up above. Call in, schedule a time to come in, and consult with one of our doctors today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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